History of Lak country
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      History of any country is related to the world history, Lackians, as all other nations of Caucasus have often been in the center of historical events which took place in this region. As all Caucasians , they have gone through invasions of many wandering people, which tried to turn Lakians into their religion with the help of war, or they simply wanted to subdue the across coming nations. All arabian, turkish, tatar-mogolian and other invasions included. The most dangerous and active was the Cossack movement, which tried to destroy all nonchristian and even some christian nations of Caucasus, and wanted to capture lands, confiscated by that way during the last three hundred years.
      Various nations made various decisions. Some of them had deals with the invaders, some of them preferred to die, others went deeper into the mountains, supposing that the invaders won't get them there, but history shoes that they were mistaken.
      Lakians went through all this years with great losses. The new Caucasian war made them suffer again. There are many dead and injured people, many houses have been burnt and robbed, as a result there are many widows and orphans. Our nation is on the verge of surviving. We know that we can survive only being together.
      This part of the site is devoted to the history of Lackian nation and to the Lackians, which took part in the most important historical events.
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