В "Лакский Дом" пришло письмо от лакца проживающего в Сирии. Он ищет своих родственников в Дагестане. Размещаем в том виде каком оно пришло.-

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Salam alekum

      Im Muhannad from Syria (Homs_Deerfoul), this is my second letter . sorry for being late , I was very busy to send you, though I ve been attended to.

      I was disappointed for not having an answer about my relations in Dagestan, may be the informations about them is not enough. Im found (a family tree) in an old paper telling about the nouns of our relatives in Turkey (Yana gazy village)and all of them from Lakia.

      It maybe helpful in our search. my friend from Deerfoul (Laksky) his name Ramiz ask you helpful to know his relative in Dagestan. The information : (his grandfather who came from Dagestan (Lakia) is Haj Baker with his sister Aashour and he was have tow son Omar and Ali. we don't know if he belong to baker tribe in Kumukh .

      We are a few Laks here and we"re longing to know every thing about Laks. im wondering if there is any internet site for Lak"s songs cause we never hear any Lak songs he.

      I wanna ask you if we can send our letters in Arabic .

      Your faithful : Muhannad Dagestani and Ramiz Bakeer