National Artist of the Azerbaijan, the State Prize laureate, was born July 18, 1939 in Baku city, Azerbaijan.

      On mother's kin he is great-grandson of Makhmud aga Aliyev, Khan of Shemakha.

      He left secondary school of Baku city in 1957.

      From 1957 to 1958 he was acting in "Stepmother" film at "Azerbaijan-film" film studio.

      In 1958 he entered into the Azerbaijan State Drama Institute named M.A.Aliyev and graduated the above Institute in 1962 having acquired the specialty of screen and theatre actor. As early as studying in the Institute he started to work in the Russian Drama Theatre named S.Vurgun.

      Having come to the scene of this theatre already in his teen-age, he cast in his lot with it forever and this connection is already more than 35 years old.

      From very beginning of the work in the S.Vurgun Theatre Yagizarov become one of leading young performers. The motto of his creativity is the citation: "Playing evil always find germs of good".

      Roles come and go, he took part almost in all repertory performances of the Theatre in the sixties, in large and bit parts, in Western, Russian, national classics and in plays of modern authors.

      Particular names of plays in the late sixties and early seventies: "What you live for?", "Life is so short", "Rush hour", "To stay and look around", "Own way", and others become symbolical "rush hour" for the actor. When he had to stay, look around and … really go his own way.

      Own way meant maturity, force, psychological development of the following scene plays: Gusev in " Valentine and Valentine" by M.Roshin, Yuber Darce in "Exhausted horse" by F.Sagan, Hose Blanko in "Interview in Buenos Aires" by G.Borovik, dr. Lvov in "Ivanov" by Chekhov, Eldar in "House on the sand" by R.Ibragimbekov, Dovlet bek in "Aydin" by J.Jabarli.

      The eighties are the years of best achievements of the actor on scene. He acquired great scene and life experience bringing high professionalism, wisdom, intensity, perfect acting technique, and intellectual wealth into his creativity.

      So was his Sheikh Sanan ("Sheikh Sanan" by Guseyn Javid), performed for the first time in Russian by M.Yagizarov, - exalted, romantic hero, and at the same time thinker, philosopher, sage.

      Sheikh Sanan of M.Yagizarov became true ornament of the performance.

      Either became so expansive, explosive, cruel and kind, rude and tender, extremely ambitious, vulnerable Stanley Kovalsky ("Wish" Train" by T.Williams) in performance of M.Yagizarov - expression of high human dignity.

      Among the roles of these years there are Alexander Amiliocar ("Man who pays" by Iv Jamiak), Shirvinsy ("Days of Turbin" by M.Bulgakov), George Durua ("Lovely Friend" by G.Mopassan), Dugin ("Soldiers" by A.Dudarev), Rauf Nadirov ("Man for young woman" by M.Ibragimbekov), Akhmed Agayevich ("In Crystal Palace" by I.Efendiyev), Boyarsky ("Sunset" by Babek), etc. In the gallery of characters created by M.Yagizarov on theatre scene there is character of Stalin in two performances: "I, poor Soso Jugashvili" by V.Korkia and "Joseph and Nadejda" by Olga Kuchkina. For more than 35 years of work in theatre he played 200 parts, some of them are: Mortimer and Lester in "Maria Stuart" by Schiller, Christian in "Sirano D'Bergerak" by Rostan, Farkhad in "Farkhad and Shirin", Lipa in "The city is extremely disturbed", Andrew Vasilyevich in "I want to buy husband" by M.Zadornov, Miner in "Marriage Story", Scotty Templton in "Celebration", Kin IV in "Kin IV" by Gorin, Marquis D'Sad in "Sinful Stories". M.Yagizarov contributed into Azerbaijan dramatic art popularization. Actually most of performances by plays of Azerbaijan writers having taken place on scene of Samed Vurgun Theatre from 1958 up to present has been performed with him. He knows how to impart "national coloring" to all characters created by him. Along with scenic activity since 1958 M.Yagizarov has effectively worked in cinema. He acted in 30 films at "Azerbaijan-film" studio, at "Barrandov-film" studio in Czechoslovakia and at "Georgia-film" studio in Georgia ("Spiral" and "Antim Iveriano" of producer Giuli Chokhonelidze).

      Differing with art level the screen parts of M.Yagizarov brought to him real creative luck, favor of and popularity among spectators. These are the parts in movies: Ayaz in "Stepmother", Shirzad in "Great support", Bakhtiyar in "Ulduze", Suleyman in "Arshin mal alan", Murad in "Man casts anchor", Zaur in "Main interview", Khosrov Miriev in "Look for girl", prince Talibov in "Fair wind", Caliph Mamun in "Babek", Atabek in "Nizami", Fattakhov in "Black Lake Knights", Valid in "Excuse us", Mustafa Mamedov "The day after tomorrow, midnight", etc.


  • 1974 - title of Honoured artist of Azerbaijan Republic
  • 1982 - People's artist of Azerbaijan
  • 1986 - winner of USSR KGB Prize and State Prize of the Republic for part of chekist Mustafa Mamedov in screen " The day after tomorrow, midnight"
  •       At the present Yagizarov Gadjimurad Gadjiakhmed is principal master of scene of Baku city Russian Drama Theatre named S.Vurgun.