Юный канатаходец

Rope walker are blessed:
They walk not only on the ground.

Seven miracles of the world are well known in the world, We would like to meet you with the eighth one, May be with the ninth or with the 20th, - Miracle is the miracle. There is a small Lak village in The Daghestan Mountain, That is Tsovkra-1, where you can find a miracle - ropewalkers. That's why Tsovkra-1 is called "Pehlivan Tsovkra" what means "Village of rope walkers".

      Tsovkra-1 is a mountain place, where the free wind attracts you, where on the naked mountains there are many pyramids of stones. The sticked to each houses, the mystery of stars nights, drunk aroma - the virgin nature here is not touched with the aggression of industry. There is nothing of strange that this village is famous all over the world for its rope walking. Now nobody remember when it began, who first arrived at the idea of rope walking, but it was without a word, a man from Tsovkra, a Lak. Laks are long considered as quick thinking people, as capable to many trades.

      What is rope walking? Is it a trade? If it is so, why it is a miracle, too. This simple trade in Tsovkra was brought till the perfection, behind which begins a real distinctive skill, a miracle by means of which a tiny aul became famous. So why do the Tsovkra people walk on rope? Many people looking at them envy them: romantics! But there are some that say: they are eccentrics - to risk. What for? Nobody captives them. You may earn your money in another way: working as a tinner or a shoemaker. To try themselves, to give a good example for others - is a reason that moves ropewalkers, gives them success. The experience of rope walking stops to be an experience of a small group of people from Tsovkra. It becomes a point of calculation of human possibilities.

      Not in other faraway countries, but at their home, in remote mountain aul appeared the best qualities of Tsovkra people: patience, self-control, the will to win. This is courage of people, too, who showed to the world that the human abilities are endless. So Tsovkra people are always in seeking. That is why appeared a record trick of Tsovkra men - "flamingo" - the column of four persons on the rope, standing on the shoulders of each other's. That is why appeared an effective trick - the back salto with tied eyes.

      Daghestan people are especially admired with fearlessness & skills of popular artist of Russia & Daghestan Y.I.Gadjikurbanov. Apart from the famous group "Tsovkra", "born on the rope" Yaraghi Isayevich grew seven daughters under the cupola of the circus. In the age of 14 his elder daughter Djariat was conferred an honorable title of renowned artist of Daghestan. Isn't it an achievement?

      Another man who surprised the world was a son of tinner, an "air rope walker", twice Hero of the Soviet Union, a fighting pilot - Ahmet-Khan Sultan.

      But at last times a miracle became to go out - the youth's eyes don't become bright while seeing the rope. Another interests appeared, that's right: the time is going, something becomes boring, appears another things. The trouble is that the native becomes boring, the native, coming from generation to generation through the blood, through the life, as a part of your village, your nation, & appears something another - not ours, but more East or West.

      That's a pity, it is very painful that somewhere in Tsovkra there will be a generation that won't be able to put-on the rope. Now in Daghestan live the generation, which can't put the horse, to ride the horse. Disinclination or inability of the youth to follow the ancient national traditions is a problem of problems. It is not a secret that the Daghestan population, following the life of modern world, is loosing their distinctiveness. Along with the "Tsovkra miracle" on the edge of disappearing, for example, the skill of Kubatchi gold masters. And many others. And if we won't understand in time that the keeping of our national, traditional is tha task of 1st grade importance, in ten years the Daghestan people will not be resemble to the Daghestan people, Tsovkra people to the Tsovkra people.

      Tsovkra has not its skill, but its face, its dialect, its traditions. No one wedding party, no one fist goes without original acrobats & beautiful ropewalkers, dancing lezginka-dance on the rope.

      The place of simply beauty - Tsovkra in summer gathers its sons & daughters from all countries of the world, from many circuses. Brave pehlivans, "dancers on the rope" gather in the center of our soul - Tsovkra to breath the freshness of the mountains, to wash the soul in the bluish color of our sky, to get the healthy charge from the world of green. And on the big "godekan" Tsovkra boys with balances climb the standards, master the rope & try to make admire their elder brothers with original & astonishing tricks.

Patimat Ramazanova
Correspondent of Republican
Lak's newspaper "Ilchl",
"Echo of Caucasus" #1(7), 1995.