At the table you may taste the traditional Lak's dishes:

Corn Khinkal
For 400 gr. of fat tail of sheep or dry meat - 600gr
of corn flour, 1 garlic, 400gr yogurt , salt.

      Fat tail or dry meat wash with cold water, boil till readiness on low fire.
      Sift corn flour, make the hole, pour boiled salty water & make dough & prepare khinkal (halpama)in the form of small scones of round shape.
      Prepared fat tail or meat take out of the clear soup, put khinkal to the boiling broth & boil till the readiness.
      Ready khinkal lay on the plates, pour the flavoring of yogurt with pounded garlic & salt.
      Meat or fat tail cut into pieces & serve separately.

(Soup-porridge from different grains)
For 400gr of dried mutton tongue - 1glass of wheat,
1 glass of black peas, 1 glass of beans, salt.

      Wet grains of wheat, black pea, beans in salty water throughout the night.       Wash dried mutton tongue thoroughly, put into the pan with the wheat & boil till the readiness. Boil black peas & beans separately & add to the ready wheat, boil again, add salt & bring to readiness.
      You may change mutton tongue with the fried dried fat tail.

For 50 gr. of urbech - 100gr of clarified butter,
100 gr kuraga, sugar.

      Put urbech in the hot clarified butter.
      Boil cleaned kuraga with sugar in small quantity of water, & pour into urbech. Mix everything & warm, without giving to boil.
      Instead of kuraga with sugar, you may use honey. Vivra serve for bread, porridges & oatmeal.

Reddish Salad

For 600gr of reddish - 150gr of green onion,
40gr of green dill, 150gr of sour cream, salt.

      Cut the clean reddish into circles, add shred green onion, salt & sour cream, and mix everything. Before serving sprinkle with shred dill.

Salad of Cabbage & Carrot

For 600gr of white cabbage - 150-200gr of carrot, 40-50gr of dill,
150-200gr of sour cream, salt.

      Shred white cabbage & carrot into small pieces, mix with the hands, add the sour cream & mix again. Before serving - sprinkle with shred green dill.

Salad of carrot & nuts

For 600gr of carrot - 200gr of nuts,
150-200gr of sour cream, salt.

      Wash carrots, rub through the grater, add pounded nuts, sour cream, salt, mix everything thoroughly. Before serving decorate the salad with dill.

Soup with lentil

HFor 0,5 glass of lentil - 0,5 of onion, 600gr of meat,
400gr of potato, salt, pepper & green.

      Clean meat, wash, cut into pieces, pour with cold water & bring to the boiling, boil till the readiness on the low fire. When the meat will be nearly ready, put lentil, rice, potato cut into cube shape, shred onion & bring the soup till readiness. Add salt & bailiff.


For 1kg of not fat cottage cheese - 200-300gr of oatmeal,
150gr of clarified butter, salt

      Not fat cottage cheese press thoroughly, rub through the mince or rub with hands, put to the warm place, cover with something warm. When the cottage cheese will begin to be yellow & smell, put it into the pan & melt. Put into the bowl with oatmeal & mix. Then cut small pieces with the fork, put into the butter & eat.

Burkiv of cow cheese

For 400gr of cheese - 600gr of wheat flour, 150gr of sorrel,
2 onions, 50gr of clarified butter, 1 glass of yogurt, salt.

      Shred onion, fry in the clarified butter. Put the well wring out cow cheese through the mince or rub with hands, add wring out onion, salt & mix thoroughly. Wash sorrel several times, shred & add into the stuff. Then prepare like Burkiv from cottage cheese.


For 300gr of wheat flour - 1glass of clarified butter,
0,5 glass of honey.

      Into the boiling butter strew the flour, hold on the fire till the homogeneous mass of yellow color, mixing all the time with wood spoon. Then add honey. Let get cool & cut into pieces.